Tuesday 20th September Higher Hartor Tor

Bright sunny skies were not forecast but very nice they were too. Just for a change only one other car at the car park.

Up to Gutter Tor with this fine view towards Sheeps Tor and Leather Tor

The 'frying pan' on top - eroded by the weather.

Down again and on to Whittenknowles Rocks.

Then the Standing Stone and stop on the cairn nearby for coffee.

Up to Higher Hartor Tor.

Over to the Eylesbarrow Tin Mine.

A fine view towards Burrator.

Back down past the wheel pit.

We sat outside for lunch at the Royal Oak. With Keith, Jon, Stella, Brenda, Terry and Charlie.

Wednesday 14th September Bennets Cross

Starting from Bennets Cross we headed over to Kings Oven..... 

...then to the cairn on Water Hill.

But this was committee walk and it was decided to go back down to the road to explore the old girts south east of the Warren House Inn. Through these, in the moonlight and on to the Vitifer Mine for a coffee stop.  Next up to the stone row on Challacombe Hill. Returning over Birch Tor.

Mike had gone into the Warren House Inn before the walk but they were not interested in staying open after their appointed closing time of 10.00pm to allow us to have a drink. So it was back to the Prince of Wales which could I think become our default pub when we are in the centre of the moor. With Raz, Stella, Brenda and Jon

Tuesday 13th September Widecombe Fair

Our second annual walk to Widecombe Fair. Wet to start with as we headed up to Grimspound, around pas the Blue Jug to follow the path which runs along the eastern side of Hamel Down. Last time we were here it was easy going but with the bracken over six feet high it was hard going. At least the rain had stopped.

Approaching Wooder Goyle Rocks.

Down the steep track to the fair.  A huge clap of thunder as we arrived. Much to see and do.

The dog and duck show.

Ferret racing

Uncle Tom Cobley sitting on his horse in the middle of the village.

After a couple of hours and refreshments it was back up the steep track to return on the Two Moors Way.

A brief stop at Hamel Down Cross.

Finally back down to Grimspound.
With Brenda, Raz, Stella, Jane, Sandra, Peter, Charlie and Jon

Tuesday 6th Se[tember Cox Tor

A misty start as we headed up to Cox Tor

Cox Tor

Down to the Dewpond.

Up to Great Staple where Tom had his photo taken.

Down past Merrivale and on past Vixen Tor.

Pew Tor with the view back.

Lunch in the Whitchurch Inn. With Dianne, Darren, Tom, Bill, Peter, Brenda and Charlie.

Wednesday Evening 31st August - Great Links Tor

Ten of us for the evening walk from High Down. No forecast of rain for the evening but looking west it didn't look like we would avoid it.

Down to the stepping stones before taking the steep track up to....

...Brat Tor

The view towards Hare Tor...

...and the other way with Great Links in the distance.

From here it was across to the main track and on to Dick's Well before heading up to Great Links. Tussocky underfoot for a while and lots of low cloud too. Coffee break on top and always surprising how quickly you can feel the cold. Down to Little Links Tor and then down to the River Lyd to follow it back to the stepping stones.

On to the pub - but they were all closed.  The Dartmoor Inn, the Mary Tavy Inn and the Trout and Tipple and this is in August! So we had to settle for Weathespoons in Tavistock, at least the beer is cheaper. Closed pubs are going be a problem going into the winter months.

With Raz, Stella, Brenda, Anne, Jill, Jon, Kevin, Charlie and Terry.

Tuesday 2rd August Willsworthy

A warm sunny morning with a cooling breeze as we followed the track out through the firing range at Willsworthy.

Over White Hill to take the track up between Hare Tor and Sharp Tor. The farmers were bring the sheep down on the same track we were going up - so a slight detour to let them pass.

Sharp Tor behind

On to Hare Tor for the coffee break - looking across to Ger Tor.

Doe Tor below and Brat Tor to the right.

Across to Ger Tor - looking down Tavy Cleave.

Down to the leat which we followed back to the firing range.

The farmers were out again to bring in more sheep.

Back through another part of the firing range.

Lunch in the sunshine at the Mary Tavy Inn with Terry, Tom, Jon, Charlie, Brenda, and Jane

Saturday 21st August - Lints Tor

With rain forecast I was out early this morning in the hope that I would complete the route before the rain started.

Meldon reservoir - always a feeling of great openness when this comes into view.

Around the eastern edge of the reservoir and with the berries out on the mountain ash tree there was a feeling that autumn was not far away.

More here on the path down to Vellake Corner

Looking back to Vellake Corner

Black Tor and Black-a-Tor Copse come into view.

The West Okement River.

Black Tor and the copse below.

Looking back from Black-a-Tor Copse.

Lints Tor comes into view.

On Lints Tor with Fur Tor in the distance.

Lints Tor

Dinger Tor with High Willhays in the distance and a heavy squally shower.

On High Willhays and the forecast rain came in about two hours earlier than forecast. Difficult going on the way down the heavy rain.