Tuesday 10th January - Mariners Way

Very different conditions from two days ago. A strong cooling wind and the anticipation of rain. Starting from the car park on the main road below Shapley Tor.

Up a short distance to the stone circles.

Up again....

...by now everyone had put on their waterproofs

Shapley Tor

Hookney Tor.

Over towards King Tor - looking across to Haytor Rocks. A coffee break on King Tor then...

...very steeply down and off the moor to find the Mariners Way.

Over countless stiles - King Tor in the distance...

...to West Combe - a place which always appears to be just a short step away from dereliction.

Past what must be one of the largest ever granite gate posts.

In the event the rain didn't come to much and was much less than the forecast.

On to the Warren House Inn where the food more recently has been relatively poor. It was however served very, very quickly.  With Jon, Brenda, Stella, Charlie, Terry, Peter, Jane and Anne.

Sunday 8th January - King Tor

I was out early to drive across to the other side of Dartmoor to Shapley Tor car parks - a short distance before the cattle grid as you drive off the moor on the road to Moretonhampstead. There was really thick fog on the way up to Princetown but as is so often the case the fog was lifting the further east I went.  By the time I had got to the car park most of the fog had gone but there was just a little left as the sun came up. This walk was a reccee for the walk on Tuesday.

I headed up to Hookney Tor as the fog re-appeared and went again.

From Hookney Tor I went over towards King Tor. This is one of the post put in place to deter gliders landing during the war. Amazing they are still here.
As I got to King's Burrow this was the view - you can see the twin granite stacks of Haytor Rocks emerging from the morning mis on the left and Rippon Tor on the right. This zoomed in quite a bit as Hay Tor is just over 4 miles away.  A spectacular sight. 

Even more zoomed in.

The weather remained changeable with a rainbow appearing - caused I think not by the sun shining through rain but through an atmosphere of fog and mist.

The view from King Tor - Easdon Tor is on the left.

Then it was down to Heathercombe to pick up the Mariners Way back out through Moor Gate. Over countless stiles and gates.

This old caravan is at Moor Gate and in a much worse state than when I was last there.

Tuesday 3rd January 2017 - A Walk Around Kitley Estate

A beautiful walk with spectacular scenery on a cold and crisp winter day. A heavy frost, blue skies and no breeze. A place where none of us had walked before except for Anne who led the walk and had recced it recently.

We started from the very grand Kitley House Hotel near Yealmpton

Around and through the woods to follow the lake which was originally part of the estuary of the River Yealm.  There was a thin covering of ice on this part of the lake except over the submerged tree.

Then down to the estuary itself.

Spectacularly beautiful.


The piles for the old railway at Warren Point.

We then followed the course of the old railway. It originally opened in 1898, closed in 1930 due to competition from the buses, only to re-open during the war. It closed to passengers in 1947 and to goods traffic in 1960. Here is an old footbridge.

A coffee break at the ruined Quarry Cottage.

On the other side of the estuary an old quay.

Looking back.

On to the entrance to Kitley Caves, once a tourist attraction but now permanently closed. Returning to the hotel to look at the Ice House used for storing ice in the days before electric refrigeration.

Back to the hotel for lunch. They had provided us with our own dining room. All appeared to be very grand but the lunch seemed to take forever to arrive and wasn't of a particularly high standard. To be fair  they then did provide us with tea, coffee and scones to make amends.

15 on the walk today - Anne, Jon, Brenda, Peter, Sandra, Charlie, Jane, Phil, Roger, Terry, Linda, Darren and Dianne

Wednesday Evening 21st December Morewellham

A gentle walk in the woods around Morewellham.  This is the sluice gate on the canal just below the point where the canal emerges from the tunnel.

Down to the lime kiln at Nequay by the river below Madcleave Wood. Mike showed us the bread oven built into the side of the kiln.

A good look around the old quay - once a hive of activity. Then back through the woods to Mike and Stella's for mulled wine and some nibbles. With Mike, Stella, John, Jill, Simon, Brenda, Val and Nigel

Tuesday 22nd December Pew Tor

Out from Whitchurch through Middlemoor.

On to Shorts Down....
...over Plaster Down to the leat.

Then towards Pew Tor.

Up to the quarry.

To the top of Pew Tor for a coffee break and mince pies from Terry.

Back across Plaster Down

This stile was too much for the dogs so the main group continued on the path through Caseytown and three of us returned over Shorts Down.
Lunch in the Whitchurch Inn. With Terry, Tom, David, Colin, Amber, Jon, Jane, Bill, Brenda, Anne and Charlie.

Tuesday 13th December 2016

Out from Two Bridges on our usual route. Clear then very misty....

....and clearer again.

Towards Littaford Tor

Then down towards the weir and the ponies came to see us....

...I think they thought we might have some food for them. Gentle but hardy animals, their coats wet with the low cloud and rain.

Then down to the weir which was overflowing. Rather more tricky than usual to get across and one or two had wet feet afterwards.

After the coffee break it was up the steep bit to Beardown Tors, more thick mist and then lots of rain.
We arrived at the Prince of Wales a little wet. Roger and Jim were there. Always good service and food. With Tom, Jon, Colin, Amber, Peter, Brenda, Bill, Jane and Charlie.