Wednesday Evening 19th April Hillson's House

Starting from Harford Moor Gate we walked back down the road past the church to Harford Bridge and then through the gate to follow the river.  A climb up through some rough ground to get to Tristis Rock just as the sun was about to disappear. On and upwards to Hillson's House. Then a direct route east to the River Erme.  As we reached the steep bit down it was noticed that Cassie (the dog) had gone missing (she has done this before). Kevin decided to go back to Hillson's House to try and find her. We continued down and crossed the river just north of Piles Copse. As we started to go up Cassie appeared! Around Piles Corner and on to Sharp Tor. We could see Kevin's head torch below but couldn't communicate with him - except by a series of flashes. We met up with him near Piles Gate and he was reunited with Cassie who was put on the lead. A direct route back to the car park and on to the very accommodating Cornwood Inn. With Mike and Kevin.

Tristis Rock.... the sun goes down.

Stalldown in the distance from Tristis Rock

Arriving at Hillson's House

The ridge with Shell Top in the distance as the light fades.

Tuesday 11th April - Tiger Marsh

Just three of us for the walk today from the Fox and Hounds. Out to Nodden Gate and along the old tramway which runs around Great Nodden. To the points and up towards Great Links Tor. Where the track crosses the River Lyd we decided to visit the crash site in Tiger Marsh. To do this you have to go through the boggy bit. From here it was over Gren Tor before re-joining the tramway. Across to Great Links, then Dick's Well and down between Brat and Arms Tor to the ford below Nodden Gate. No time for a pub lunch today.  With Tom and Charlie.

Nodden Gate

The old tramway around Great Nodden.

The crash site at Tiger Marsh where a B17 came down on Christmas day in 1943.

Since I was last here a lot more wreckage has become exposed - the white bits are aluminium which was melted in the heat.

64 years after the crash and still nothing grows where the plane came down.

Approaching Great Links Tor

The view across to..... Hare Tor...

...and Chat Tor

Through the ford at the end.

Sunday 9th April - Circular Walk to Princetown

A walk I have wanted to do for some time. From home to Walkhampton and up to Princetown and then back past Leather Tor and Yelverton. A 16 mile walk on a beautiful sunny day.

Down through the village and on to Walkhampton.

Spring lambs on the footpath up to......

...Walkhampton Church

Through the fields to the green lane which leads out....

...on to the moor.

Up to the railway line...

...past Ingra Tor....

....and the short cut up to the higher level.

Continuing below the mast on North Hessary Tor.....

...the brewery in Princetown.... Fox Tor Café for a well earned breakfast.

Then out on the Eylesbarrow track for a short distance.....

....and over to Hart Tor

The River Meavy just above...

...Black Tor Falls

On past the Aqueduct....

....and the Devonport Leat

To the wall corner and up to...

Leather Tor.

Looking back.

Past Lowry Tor and good to see that the reservoir is again full.

To the woods

And on to Yennadon Down.

To Yelverton and then back home.

Friday 7th April - Rame Head

A beautiful spring morning and a much longer walk with Tom from Mount Edgcumbe to Rame Head and back.

The Cremyll ferry.

Out through Cremyll where the bluebells are already out - it will be another month before they are in full bloom on Dartmoor.

To Embacombe - Torpoint on the other side of the estuary.

Around Palmer Point and what was this man collecting in the mud?

Up to Maker Church - the footpath down to Maker Farm

A hazy view of the breakwater in Plymouth Sound

Into Kingsand for a coffee and then....

...out to Penlee Point with our first view of Rame Head

The little chapel on the top and the Coast Watch station in the distance.

Looking back to Penlee Point

The other way across Whitsand Bay


Then back again to Cawsand for a lunch stop. Looking back to Kingsand

Fort Picklecombe

Part of the old coast path has been closed for some years but it is clear that it is still well used

Back to Mount Edgcumbe Park and the folly - with Drakes Island and Plymouth behind

Towards the Royal William Yard

A hazy view of the house.