Tuesday 5th February Combshead Tor

We started at the lane which leads up to Sheeps Tor just behind the village of Sheepstor.

A light dusting of snow on the higher moor.

Past a floral tribute left on Maiden Tor - a favourite place for someone on a beautiful tor overlooking Burrator Reservoir

Across to Leather Tor and Sharpitor

Around the lower levels of Sheeps Tor with time for some to look at the Piskies Cave...

...and the view from the top with the church in Sheepstor just visible.

A light dusting of snow transforming the landscape for a few hours, leaving this magical winter wonderland for us to wonder at and walk across!

From Sheeps Tor with Gutter Tor below and Hen Tor further away...

...Combshead Tor in the opposite direction...

...and Sharpitor, Leather Tor and Great Mis Tor.

Along the top of Sheeps Tor and then across to Deancombe.

 Looking back to Sheeps Tor.

Through Deancombe...

...and up again...

...to the top of Combshead Tor.

As we moved off towards Down Tor in the sunshine we could see the next wave of hail and sleet coming towards us.

Then down to Middleworth Tor and Norsworthy Bridge...

...and on the Royal Oak at Meavy with Rosemary, Terry, Amber, Colin, Brian, Bill, Charlie and Linda

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