Wednesday 13th February Yes Tor

Very different conditions today, a little milder but with a very, very strong wind.  We set off going down from the car park at Meldon to the old quarry area  where Anne caught us up and...

...into the disused quarry which had apparently been a source of rare minerals...

...nearby is a disused weighbridge with the old scales clearly visible.

Meldon viaduct.

From here we went up the steep bit to Black Down and then headed towards the track running west of  West Mill Tor. 

Yes tor hidden in the clouds.

We followed the track around and behind Yes Tor which took us up to the top. 

On the way up were joined by a couple of other walkers one of whom was Norman - and old Dartmoor Rescue Group  member who I hadn't seen since 1988.  He was on a day trip to Dartmoor with his colleague Matt a chess Grand Master.  

We took a break in a range hut to get out of the strong winds and rain.

Then along the ridge to High Willhays before going down and out of the cloud.  Black Tor came in and out of view.

The plan had been to go over Longstone Hill but Jon wanted to check out an alternative route down the valley between Homerton and Longstone Hill where we found a well worn track past this...

...little waterfall.

Finally we arrived back at the dam which was overflowing nicely.

On to the Fox and Hounds for lunch where we were joined by Norman and Matt.

With Jon and Anne - and on the top Norman and Matt

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