Tuesday Morning 17th October - Grenofen

The start of the walk was  'in my back garden' at Grenofen so I walked the two miles to the start along the cycle path and .....

...over Gem Bridge.

We followed the path along side the River Walkham.

Past a number of old mine workings - our leader told us that this one was only in use for 5 years.


To Double Waters where the River Walkham on the left joins the River Tavy on the right.

A stop for coffee by the 'big pool' where the skimming stones are thrown.

Then up the long path to Bera Tor.

Through the woods and over Roborough Down and back down to the start. Lunch at the London Inn in Horrabridge.

With Dianne, Charlie, Bill, Ian, Jon and Terry.

Wednesday Evening 11th October 2017 - North Hessary Tor

From Princetown and up the muddy path in the mist and fog to North Hessary Tor.  So foggy you couldn't see the lights on the top of the mast.

Then off in search of Hearn Hole Tor which we didn't find and then on to Hollow Tor which we some how missed!

Down to the Yellowmeade track and along to Foggintor. Our leader then took us for a swirl around Swelltor before following the track back to Princetown arriving at the very vibrant Prince of Wales at 10.30pm.

With Brenda, Pete, Kevin and Jon.


Tuesday 10th October 2017 - East Dart

Completely different weather compared to Sunday. Very wet low cloud for all of the walk.

Another group was at the car park - they were also going to the waterfall but we didn't see them again.

Over the clapper bridge...

Up to Hartyland Tor.

A coffee stop at the Beehive hut

On to the waterfall

Returning around the edge of Braddon Lake

Lunch at the Prince of Wales and very read they are to for Halloween in three weeks time.

With Brenda, Jon, Peter, Charlie and Bill

Sunday 8th October 2017 East Dart

A beautiful warm afternoon for a recce walk from Postbridge to the waterfall on the East Dart. The car park at Postbridge was full to overflowing but I didn't see anyone on the walk - where did they all go?

Out over Hartland Tor

With Sittaford Tor in the distance.

Braddon Lake to the west with Higher and Lower White Tor visible

The sheepfold nearby

Across the stream by the Beehive hut and then the very muddy path up  to the waterfall

Tuesday 3rd October 2017 - Rough Tor

 From Norsworthy Bridge and out through the Arboretum to Roughtor Plantation.

Sheeps Tor

Gutter Tor

Nibbler on one of the rocky outcrops which make up Rough Tor

More outcrops of Rough Tor

On through the woods to the top of the track which leads up from Deancombe

Into the autumn sunshine with Cuckoo Rock and Combeshead Tor on the other side of the valley

Down across the  Narrator Brook and around Combshead Tor to the Stone Row and Circle.

Where Dianne demonstrated the magic of the turning stone!

Along the ridge towards Down Tor with view over Burrator reservoir and with Leather Tor and Sharpitor in the distance

The abandoned Kingsett Farm

To a spectacular forestry display. A machine which lifts whole felled trees, strips the branches and then chops the trunk into similar sized lengths as if they were matchsticks.

The old blowing house beside the River Meavy

 Lunch at the Royal Oak where we were joined by Terry and Anne. On the walk Jon, Mike, Stella, Peter, Charlie, Dianne and Darren


Tuesday 26th September 2017 Lee Moor

A very warm autumnal morning.  First stop was Whitehill Tor sandwiched between the china clay workings to the north and south.

Below us the old settlement beds now put to good use with vast arrays of solar panels.

Red Admiral in abundance on the ivy below the tor.

An old track through the woods to...

...Blackalder Tor

The view to the south and in the distance the newly opened tungsten mine at Hemerdon

Around a disused settlement pool.

Through the 'moonscape'

No digging

To Luxton Tor

Set above the Dartmoor landscape

Nearby is Saddlesborough Tor marked by the trig point - not much by way of rocks to be a tor.

Back to Hawks Tor....

Where in past times some clever people have swivelled aroud the top layer of the tor to form a shelter.

Down again to Collard Tor

Back down again around the edge of Wotter and across the road to the woods above Lee Moor China Clay Works

Lunch at the Farm Café, where this time all the orders were served on time. With Mike, Stella, Jon, Charlie and Brenda.