Tuesday 12th December 2017 - Bleak House

Starting from the Fox and Hounds and up to Nodden Gate then along King Wall to find....

King Way Cross.  You can just make out the Greek style cross at the base of the stone. Much more about the cross on Legendary Dartmoor

Then a loop around to cross the track and directly up to the higher level of the track.

Looking south with Great Links Tor on the left, Little Links Tor in the centre and Arms Tor on the right.

Over to Gren Tor and then on to Hunt Tor for the coffee break

The view from Hunt Tor to Great Links Tor

 From here directly south to the track leading to Bleak House with Green Tor behind where we met Anne and Stella who had missed the start of the walk.

Fur Tor just visible on the left. We took the track back past Dick's Well

Sharp Tor and Hare Tor

Brat Tor in the distance.

Down over Arms Tor to the ford below Nodden Gate. Lunch in the very busy Fox and Hounds where they had 37 for Christmas lunch. No delays and our food was served very quickly. With Bill, Peter, Charlie, Terry, Colin, Amber, Stella and Anne.

Wednesday 29th November Cranmere Pool

A longer walk than usual. I parked at Belstone Green. This was the view along Belstone Cleave. The heavy overnight frost was still visible in the shadows but it had already melted in the sunshine.

I walked through Belstone and out on to Watchet Hill - ice and much water everywhere.

The Nine Maidens stone circle.

Just a little further up the track.

Winter tor with Yes Tor and West Mill Tor in the distance.

A little further along with Knattborough Tor in the foreground. Oke Tor is beyond that with Steeperton Tor to the left. Hangingstone Hill is behind Oke Tor.

The ever hardy Dartmoor Pony

Steeperton Tor

My route was to go over Okement Hill.  This is a disused Observation Post with Steeperton Tor behind.

On to Ockerton Court. I took a direct route from here to....

 ...Cranmere Pool. It is very hard going in this area, wet underfoot everywhere and large boggy bits. I had seen Patrick arrive just a couple of minutes before me. We had both started from Belstone but had taken different routes. So strange that you can walk for 3 hours to one of the most remote places on Dartmoor and someone else arrives at the same time. Patrick regularly walks this route but he told me this was only the second time he had met anyone here. Great Links Tor is just visible in the distance.

We both signed the visitors book.

I headed across towards Hangingstone Hill, I wasn't going there...

...but to the Ted Hughes Memorial Stone which is just north of Taw Head

It's actually on the mound in the middle of the photo at the end of the visible path.

I headed up to the old military road.

Belstone Tor on the left and Steeperton Tor on the right.

Across Knack Mine ford - this is Steeperton Gorge below and Cosdon Hill in the distance.

I walked back to Oke Tor and then took the lower track which leads out from Taw Marsh below Belstone Tor.

Looking back at Steeperton Tor

Irishman's wall coming down the hill.

A walk of nearly 12 miles on a beautiful winters day.

Tuesday 28th November 2017 Bere Alston

Starting from Bere Alston railway station for a walk organised by Stella.

We took the path down from the station through the woods to the river Tamar on the opposite to Calstock. Along the flood barrier and under the wonderful viaduct.

Following the flood barrier for some time....

...until we were opposite the Quay at Cothele.

Then up through the woods to Ward Mine where the council had very thoughtfully left some picnic tables for us to have coffee.

Just above the river on the footpath - with a passing heavy shower.

Over the boardwalk....

...and up to Lockridge Farm to see the rainbow.

On and up along the track before following the footpath back to the station. Very soft and muddy under foot with all the rain of recent days.

Lunch at The Plough, Bere Ferrers. It took a while to arrive but was of good quality. With Jon, Charlie, Terry, Dianne, Jim and Karen.

Tuesday 21st November 2017 Steng-a-Tor

A bus ride from the Fox and Hounds to the Prewley works track. A bit cooler than expected.

A direct line across to Shelstone Tor

The view up the West Okement

As always there was a need to rock the logan stone on top

Then steeply up into the cloud. A coffee stop somewhere above the Slipper Stones and on to....


Not a place we visit often, no views anywhere today.

Then up again to Kitty Tor where there was a man in the hut - but there wasn't an firing because of the weather.

A bit further to the warning Kitty Tor warning flag.

Through the old peat works to Great Links Tor where the ponies were sheltering.

Then steeply down, below the cloud, to Little Links Tor and below that to Lower Arms Tor

Across the ford below the Great Nodden track.

Lunch at the very friendly Fox and Hounds where we had our own private room for lunch. With Mike, Stella, Terry, Charlie, Jon, Bill, Peter and Brenda