Tuesday 15th August 2017 Yes Tor

Ten of us for the walk today in perfect weather conditions.

Starting from just below Rowtor we took the  track directly to the top.

The firing buts and Target Railway below.

Firing Buts - Terry fired from here in his military days

The old metal target...

...and bullet marks

Engine shed for the Target Railway

On to East Mill Tor

Tylo inspects the military communication point.

Upwards towards Dinger Tor

Dinger Tor with High Willhays in the distance

A picnic lunch on High Willhays

On to Yes Tor

Then down to Pixies Pool

Finally across to West Mill Tor

Down to the track and back to the cars.

Tuesday 8th August 2017 Buckland Beacon

Starting from Top Tor car park - this was the view towards Chinkwell Tor but we went the other way today. To Top Tor,  Pil Tor.....

...and down to Tunhill Rocks

Widecombe-in-the-Moor in the valley below.

Corndon Down in the distance.

Around the edge of Pudsham Down to Ruddycleave Water.

Over Buckland Common to Buckland Beacon.

The view out to Teignmouth

And the recently refurbished Ten Commandment Stones

Back past Wells Tor and good to see the heather coming out.

Past Lucy's spiral and Blackslade Ford

Back to Pil Tor.

Lunch in the very busy Old Inn in Widecombe. Good they were geared up for the volume as the food came out very quickly. With Terry, Brenda, Charlie and Jane.

Sunday 6th August 2017 High Willhays

A cool fresh day and round to the military road north of Okehampton. Left to right Rowtor, West Mill Tor and Yes Tor

Up the track to Row Tor - West Mill Tor in the distance.

Looking south west with Oke Tor and Steeperton Tor in the distance.

The old rifle butts with the target railway in the middle distance.

The large metal target in the distance

The railway used to move the target behind the bank.

The engine shed

Down to New Bridge with the Black-a-ven Brook

Up to East Mill Tor.

Belstone Tor in the middle distance

And, the view the other way to Yes Tor

Then along the military track for a while to Dinger Tor - High Willhays in the distance and...

....Great Kneeset and Fur Tor to the south. A few spots of rain at this point.

Up to the High Willhays - the highest point on Dartmoor and I was surprised to have it to myself on a Sunday morning in August.

On Yes Tor looking back to High Willhays

Across to West Mill Tor, Belstone Tor and Cosdon Hill.

Down the track to the ford with West Mill Tor in the distance.

West Mill Tor